ILC Spotlight: Shola Joseph

Who knew we had so many budding authors at the Law Centre!

In this ILC Spotlight, we look at Shola Joseph, a caseworker in our Debt Unit and has helped countless individuals manage their finances whether through assisting in debt relief orders and bankruptcy applications giving clients a fresh start, successfully challenging unjust debts, or setting up payment plans with creditors to help clients manage.

In April, Shola released her debut novel, End of My Rainbow, a story about Tolani, a Nigerian girl removed from her beloved grandmother’s care and placed in her Auntie’s abusive hands.  She must learn to overcome challenges through love, faith, and perseverance.  It is an inspirational tale that is truly moving and emotional.


If you would like to learn more about Shola’s book, please click here.

Disclaimer: none of the views or opinions presented in End of My Rainbow are made by or endorsed by the Islington Law Centre – all views and opinions are the author’s own.

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