Hackney Law Centre Wins Landmark Supreme Court Case

By 11 June 2015 News No Comments

Last month the UK Supreme Court allowed an appeal lodged by the Hackney Law Centre which established a new legal test for intentional homelessness.  This appeal marks the first significant departure the courts have made with regards to the definition of intentional homelessness in the last 20 years.

We know that this was a tough and hard fought battle which began in 2011 but thankfully has ended with a positive result!  While not all cases make it to the Supreme Court, there is no denying the impact the solicitors and caseworkers of law centres have on individuals who would otherwise not have a voice.  We are incredibly proud of our borough neighbours and hope that cases such as this show the importance legal aid and free legal advice.

If you would like to read more about this incredible case please visit Hackney Law Centre’s website for more information.


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